Whatsapp on Mac!

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146 responses to “Whatsapp on Mac!”

  1. Carsten Nitschke (@cochesdiez) says :

    Hi there. Just downloaded it as well but I do not have whatsapp in there neither can I find a way to include it. Any hint ?

    • Jonathan Sim says :

      Hello! Sorry for the late reply! I’ve been quite busy the past week. One question – are you using Windows or Mac? I’m not too familiar with Windows, but it should be something similar.

      For Mac, Whatsapp is one of the apps that’s listed in the Android Apps folder in the dock (the row of icons usually at the bottom of the screen). For first time use, you’ll need to click on that app. Bluestacks will then download and install Whatsapp. Once that’s done, the Whatsapp icon will appear in the Bluestacks home screen.

      • yuval golan says :

        I installed the blue stack app player, but whatsus IS NOT present in the android apps folder. Looks its been discontinued…

      • eddy says :

        thanx jonathan it really worked …… i could not log in so i unistalled my old bluestacks …. i downloaded the new one nd followed these instructions ….. it really worked

    • andrew says :

      I can’t log in to my twitter account…. whats up with that ?

    • Chris says :


      Perhaps you can rewrite the guide now simplifying the steps to get the program downloaded and installed. Also the portion dealing with Importation of contacts from phone and or Mac.

      One can now just download and install the latest Bluestacks for Mac.
      Once launched, search and install the free OPERA MOBILE BROWSER in Bluestacks.

      Navigate to http://www.whatsapp.com/android/ using Opera Mobile and download and install whatsapp. No fuss, no posting to FaceBook, Twitter or Cloud site, no searching for the downloaded file etc.

      Contacts are easily ported from Mac Contacts Application by emailing file to email account and accessing and downloading via Opera Mobile in Bluestacks.

      Suspect The mobile browser may be the answer to the movement of documents to and from the Mac also perhaps via Dropbox, Photobucket or similar Cloud service, but I leave this one to you.
      Even better would be the discovery of the directory structure used by BlueStacks that files can be placed or copied directly to from Finder.

      I cannot thank you enough for setting me off on this journey and creating the desire to find ways around the obstacles encountered along the way.

      Hope others benefit from my trials as much as I benefited from yours.

      • Jonathan Sim says :

        Hello! Thanks for the suggestion and for your instructions! I was only made aware of the improvements made to Bluestacks about 2-3 days ago. I’ll do up a whole new guide this weekend. =)

        • RevKing says :

          A lot of people are getting a “check network connectivity” error when trying to download apps. This is because bluestacks servers are not working properly yet. In the new guide try and make it clear that in order to download apps they must click on “app stores” then “mobile1″ to find and download them. I can’t get Amazon app store or Get jar working. The only working browser i have found is “Opera Mobile Browser”…Looking forward to the new guide. Cheers ;)

  2. michael says :

    whatsapp does not appear in the Android Apps folder, is there a way to add it?

    • Jonathan Sim says :

      Hi Michael! From one of the comments above, it looks like Whatsapp has been taken out of Bluestacks. =(

      I’ll play around with it over the next few days to see if there’s a way to install Whatsapp.

  3. michael says :

    thanks, i’ll continue to check back…

  4. nato72 says :

    Nope Whatsapp is not there at all…;(

    • Jonathan Sim says :

      Hi there! Good news! I’ve tested how to get Whatsapp on Bluestacks. And it works! Check out the edited post again for detailed instructions on how to do it! =)

  5. RC says :

    Thanks for the article. I got it working, but how do I add contacts to my address book?

  6. sergio says :

    Done and working!! thanks a lot! :D

  7. Akira says :

    Dear Jonathan,
    it worked! I now have Whatsapp installed on my Mac. But here’s my problem
    now: how can I add contacts? I do not have a Android nor iPhone (clamshells for the win:)), so I can’t synchronize if necessary. Could you help me?


  8. Joy Roberts says :

    Hi Jonathan,
    I found your post very useful. I followed the instructions and it worked like a charm, thanks. I wanted to ask if there’s a way to import contact from the address book on my mac?

  9. ihsan gonultas says :

    thanks dude ;)

  10. PetrG says :

    Good read Jonathan good updates too. I like that cheat to accessing the android download. A person can just download the andoid apk and drag and drop it into blue stacks… just a hint.

  11. Matthieu says :

    Just installed it on mac os mountain lion. It worked fine but one must really carefully read the instruction. Regarding step 4, clicking didn’t work. I had to slide down with my track pad to see a curtain going down and then I could see the download progress and install the app

  12. menkovolkam says :

    thanks for posting this !

  13. Matthieu says :

    Hi, is there a way to share pictures, sounds… that are located on my local computer? I tried drag & drop but it doesn’t work.

    • Jonathan Sim says :

      There is a way, but I’m not too sure. I know that Bluestacks treats one folder in particular as if it were an SD card (it works for Windows). But I’m not sure where that folder is. I can’t find it on my Mac.

      Quick solution – you can e-mail the files to yourself, and then tweet/fb the link to your e-mail’s website, so that you can log in and download the file into Bluestacks. It’s tedious, but that’s the only way that I can think of for now.

  14. Ramiro Gaxiola says :

    This is a great way to have even more flexibility on communications, thru mobile devices or computers, great job, congrats

  15. Funnyoldman says :

    Hi, when I use the browser to open the link posted on twitter, and click download, it says “You do not have permission to open this page. market://details?id=com.whatsapp

    I think bluestacks has done something to prevent downloading directly from the builtin browser.

  16. Funnyoldman says :

    Sorry, i found the downloaded file..

  17. wo says :

    dude can i use a fake number?

    • Jonathan Sim says :

      Hello! No, you can’t. Whatsapp will send a verification code to that number, so you’ll definitely need to use a real number in order to proceed.

      • john says :

        yes you can! I did that with mine! Just you have to wait 10 mins for the call button to appear. There is this website that gives you a fake phone number but that can receive voice mails. here it is: k7.net
        plus it is free

  18. cedward138 says :

    Nothing happened when I posted the link on facebook. I can select it as a link in my regular browser as well as on my mobile but not in facebook on the Blustacks player.

    Tried twiter which brings up the download page but it does not download.

    Any other ideas?

  19. cedward138 says :

    Actually found it by dragging the black bar down rather than clicking

  20. don says :

    hi , i cant get any program to run on mountain lion – i can see that whatsapp is open in the dock but nothing else, just the app player thats open and nothing in it. help would be much appreciated. thanks

  21. sagar27 says :

    worked very fine !!! … thanks!!

  22. Johnny says :

    there is a way to import contacts, mail me and will mail back details

  23. John S. Nkuna (@SolaniNkuna) says :

    Hi. it worked on my Mac. even adding the contacts was so simple. thank you.

  24. doggy says :

    facebook or twitter on bluestacks wont sign in…. keeps loading ,so i cant open whatsapp apk which i downloaded . somebody plz help me .i need to get whatsapp on my mountain lion…..

  25. Justin says :

    Hello, there is a more direct way to open the browser (without twitter/facebook):
    Just duplicate one of the .app (I used Twitter.app), rename it to ‘Browser.app’. right clic -> show package contents.

    In the ‘Contents’ folder, edit the file Info.plist (text/xml).

    Change the value (tag string after the tag key…) of GuestAppActivity to com.android.browser.StartActivity, and the value of GuestAppPackage to com.android.browser.

    You now have a Browser app with a twitter icon. Feel free to change the Icon as well (Resources/AppIcon.icns).

  26. doggy says :

    NEW SOLUTION …. TRY THIS …………………………………………………………….. First uninstall the latest version of Bluestacks which doesn’t have whatsapp.
    Download an old version of bluestacks like this one http://bluestacks-app-player-mac.en.s
    Install it.
    Copy/paste the whatsapp app (from the android apps folder) to your desktop.
    Uninstall Bluestacks.
    Install latest version of Bluestacks.
    Copy the whatsapp app (from the old version) to the new android apps folder
    And then it works fine ;)

  27. Prayank Kashyap says :

    Thanks a lot man. It works. Great!
    Thanks a ton. :)

  28. Gigi says :


  29. Rahul Desai says :

    It works fine !

    Now,I just hope when I get a phone it doesnt create complication :D

  30. Steve says :

    Jonathan, you’re a GEM! Not only are you technical and patient, you have the heart to help your fellow netizens on how this works. I’ve installed it with your directions with ease. I also read a couple of your blog entries like the Malaysia-Singapore railway…very interesting & insightful. Keep up the Good Work!!

    • Jonathan Sim says :

      Thank you! Do visit my blog regularly if you can! Do you blog as well? =)

      • Steve says :

        No, I never got started with blogging…no excuses really..just procrastination.. Anyways, I’ve been playing with Whatsapp and it’s working just fine on my Mac. However, I want to add pics to my messages from my Mac but can’t seem to find a way. Have you had any success with this? Thanks!!

        • Jonathan Sim says :

          Hello! Sorry for replying you so late. I got hospitalised twice in the past two weeks. I’m much better now.

          Here’s a quick way that you can do this. You can e-mail the photos to yourself, and then tweet/fb the link to gmail.com so that you can open up the browser within Bluestacks and download the images from your gmail account.

          Here’s another method I thought… It’ll work if you’re using Dropbox. There’s a Dropbox application that you can install onto Bluestacks (again, you’ll need to tweet/fb the link to the Dropbox app download page). Place your media files into the Dropbox folder and you’ll be able to easily download them into Bluestacks via the Dropbox app.

          Hope that helps! =)

  31. Simon says :

    Works like a charm on Mountain Lion here, thanks!
    I got one question though: in all other messaging programs you can use the ‘enter’ button to send messages, but here I can’t. When I want to send a message, I have to click on the ‘send’ button. Is there a way to change this, so my message gets sent when I press ‘enter’?

    • Jonathan Sim says :

      Hi! Sorry for the late reply! I was hospitalised (again) for a week (I’m much better now).

      In the main Whatsapp screen, click on the options button, then click on “Settings”, and then click on “Chat Preferences.”

      There will be an option that says, “Enter is send.” Click on to that enable it. Now you can use the ‘enter’ button of your keyboard to send messages.

      Hope that helps! =)

  32. Sofia says :

    Hey, there seems to be a bit of a problem?
    I’ve managed to install Whatsapp successfully but erm, I’m trying to verify my cell number but every time I do it doesn’t verify at all.

    It says unable to connect and keeps making me wait 5 minutes :/


    • Jonathan Sim says :

      Hello! Sorry for the late reply! I was hospitalised the past week (I’m ok now).

      Important question – does your mobile phone have whatsapp installed? If yes, you shouldn’t be verifying your mobile number. You’ll need to use another number (e.g. your home line). Whatsapp will not allow you to use the same number on two devices at the same time.

      Anyway, the wait is normal because you’re using a computer and not a mobile phone. You’ll need to wait five minutes (sometimes, it might make you wait longer). Once the wait is over, there will be a button that you can click to request whatsapp to provide the verification code through a phone call. Click on that, and you’ll (probably) get an international call. You’ll then be able to key in the verification code and proceed to use whatsapp.

      Hope that helps! =)

  33. Tsafou says :

    Great work man! thanks a million!

  34. deepak says :

    can we call and talk with the contacts

    • Jonathan Sim says :

      Hello! Sorry for the late reply! I was hospitalised for a week (I’m ok now).

      Unfortunately, you cannot call and talk with your contacts. I suppose you can try downloading and installing Skype or Viber onto Bluestacks. But I haven’t given that a try.

  35. bunit says :

    i keep getting the wait 5 minute message , tried over 10 times, and it keeps saying unable to connect afterwards and doesnt give me the option to call

    please help


  36. johan says :

    I could not get whatsapp to work with the latest download of bluestack. After searching I read a comment here

    http://www.gizchina.com/2012/06/28/bluestacks-brings-whatsapp-mac/ saying

    that you can download wnload an older version with whatsapp included. ;-)


  37. nick says :

    Hi All, I am down the path of using the latest bluestacks and pasting the link in FB. When I click on the link in FB a little blurb at the bottom in the FB window says “Starting Download” and disappears. After that, I don’t see the app installed anywhere. What could I be missing here? Thanks for the help, in advance.

  38. Callebe says :

    Hi! Stupid question, but here it goes…
    i want to email my chat history but everytime i try it shows “Select an action” and i can’t do anything after that…
    any help? Thanks

  39. Steve says :

    Jonathan, Sorry I’ve been travelling…thanks very much for the tips on getting photos into Bluestacks. I’ll give it a try. It’ll be nice later to be able to use a filing system within Bluestacks with a holder like an “SD card” to store and retrieve files from. I’m sure that will be coming in a later version.
    Anyways, sorry to hear you were hospitalized. It sounded awful but you seem to have made the most of the hospitalization.. You’re a good natured guy and will do well in life!! Did they finally diagnose it as dengue? The symptoms sounded like it. Well, recover well and hope you are 100% soon!! BR,Steve

    • Jonathan Sim says :

      Hi! Thank you for your well-wishes! The doctors diagnosed and confirmed (with a blood test) that it was mononucleosis – yes, the dreaded kissing disease! I’m pretty sure I got it from sharing food with other people (I think I know who I shared food with and got this). I’m so glad it wasn’t dengue! Anyway, the good news is that I’m slowly regaining back my strength. It’s a huge improvement compared to my condition several days ago. I’m glad!

  40. Deval Khandal says :

    Awesome…. Thanks a lot…
    it worked… I am surprised.. amazing…!!!!

  41. emmaz says :

    cool beb.. i try on it. good one!!

  42. Aniruddha says :

    hey Jonathan Sim, thank you very much for this post. You are a awesome dude. Hats off to you and your patience to read and reply to each question. This is an unique quality mate :)

    Everything works great after following your instructions. But, now whenever I try to use my actual android phone (samsung galaxy s2) for whatsapp – it says – reverify your mobile number. If i start whatsapp on my mobile. My Computer connection breaks. It says – whatsapp can be installed only for one number. Any workaround here mate? did you face this problem?

    Have a good life !!!

    • Jonathan Sim says :

      Hello! Thank you!

      I read about that issue on another website before. You can’t simultaneously use the same phone number on Whatsapp for your mobile and for your computer. If you reverify too many times, Whatsapp will actually ban your number. Do bear that in mind.

      My workaround is to register a home residential number for the computer’s Whatsapp. It’s two different numbers, and your messages won’t be synchronised, but at least you get to use Whatsapp on both your phone and your computer.

      Hope that helps! =)

  43. sushant says :

    hey Jonathan!!
    i wanted to know how can i send pictures from my mac to a particular contact in whatsapp bluestacks

  44. sushant says :

    hey sorry there’s a correction
    how can i send the pictures installed in my mac to a particular contact in whatsapp?

  45. Arfian says :

    Hi just want to know how to maintain both whatsapp on mac and phone. Seems after install whatsapp on mac, whatsapp on my phone do not verified my device. Any advice?? Thanks in advance.

    • johan says :

      You can only have one number associated with one watsapp install. My phone’s app is associated with my mobile phone number. And my Mac app is associated with my home land line.

  46. Swanique says :

    When I clicked “download now” on whatsapp in blue stack it said. You do not have permission to open this this page. Whats up with that?

  47. Bhassh says :



    Not sure whether this was covered in the earlier posts but just to share with all on how to ‘import’ your contacts to Whatsapp running in Bluestacks.

    For this to work you will need to access to file attachment you send to yourself either via email , twitter or facebook.


    1. From your mobile phone export your contacts to .vcf file.
    2. Send the exported file as an attachment to your email/twiter/fb account.
    3. Access your email/twitter/fb from Bluestacks.
    4. Download the attachment and open.
    5. Voila you have your contacts downloaded.

    Note the contacts details may not be perfectly matched as stored in your mobile phone for example all the phone numbers may be listed as “mobile”.This is just a minor inconvenience IMO.

    Hope this helps guys.

  48. han says :

    hi Jonathan,

    whatsapp on bluestacks keeps telling me that my home line is not a valid mobile number in singapore. any workaround for this issue?

  49. ronny says :

    hi Jonathan i had try your step, but i got problem on connecting internet, i’m using mac snow leopard, every time i try to connect to facebook its a warning say

    “Sorry, login failed to reach facebook servers. please check your network connection or try again later. (api.facebook.com [java.net.UnknownHostException])

    i had try connect my twitter and got same problem.
    is there any solution for this thing ?

    thank you in advance

    • Jonathan Sim says :

      Hi Ronny! I’m sorry, but I don’t think I have a solution to that. You should direct your question to the people who make Bluestacks. In any case, have you tried downloading and installing the latest version?

  50. donniedarko says :

    Hi, i’m from Malaysia. I tried registering my house phone with Whatsapp but unfortunately, it states that it doesnt have enough numbers.weird

  51. Nina says :

    I can’t seem to get my house phone number working either. It keeps saying it’s a non-valid mobile phone number. Any ideas?

  52. Ema says :

    :) Thanks very much Jonathan. It was clear and easy. Have a nice day

  53. RevKing says :

    Anyone try out the latest bluestacks beta version that came out yesterday?

  54. AmirArsalan says :

    Dude You are my Hero !!!! TNX

  55. Francesco says :

    Just one thing : THANK YOU!!
    Thank you very very very very very very very very very much!!
    I couldn’t do that without your guide, thank you again :)

  56. Alain says :

    Another problem which does not seem to be covered here : the second phone number cannot be any phone number. I tried my home phone number in France (starting with 1 instead of 6 or 7 for mobile phone numbers) and Whatsapp tells me that it is not a valid mobile number for France. Any idea on how to circumvent that ?

    • Jonathan Sim says :

      Hi! At the moment, I’m not sure how to get around this problem. I think this might have been a recent change by Whatsapp. It wasn’t like this when I discovered that I could use my house number for Whatsapp (when this post was first written). =/

      • Alain says :

        So this may be something to add in the initial article. On my side, I’ll try to find out a mobile phone number without Whatsapp. I guess my parents will help on this :D

  57. ell says :

    why i cant see the person who chatting with me online? and his last seen is not latest ?
    and yet he is online

  58. Dorus Dwaalspoor says :

    Hi there,
    I just discovered your post and with this detailed description I was able to set up WhatsApp on my Mac. Thank you so much!

  59. Chris says :

    Need help urgently.

    Tried adding contacts via .vcf file.
    First emailed a single vcard file to Facebook message. Downloaded in Facebook on Bluestacks and downloaded the file with the contact being added correctly.

    Then tried with a vcf containing all my contacts and started getting attachments.fbsbx.com failed.

    Went back to single entries to see if it was a file size problem with the same failure to download.

    Any ideas as to what changed between the initial success and subsequent failures?

    • Chris says :

      Never quite figured out what the problem was with the Facebook download.
      Been using the latest BlueStacks with the 1Moblie App store.

      Downloaded Opera Mobile browser and downloaded the vcf file with over 800 contacts. Had to play around in the contacts pane and not sure which “click” did the trick but eventually “voila” 836 contacts added.

      Also added display picture using Built in iSight camera of Macbook Pro which previously did not function with the older Bluestacks and Leopard (now running Mountain Lion)

  60. Christian says :

    HI everything is working fine BUT now whatsapp on my phone needs to be reactivated on have to wait 1hour to do so… is there a way to use it simultaneously on mac & iphone ?!

  61. albert says :

    Very useful! Thank you very much! My 3GS doesn’t support Whatsapp anymore so now I can still communicate from my computer!

  62. MN says :

    Hey! I just think this guide is truly amazing (and you’re a genius for finding this info out!)

    My only problem is that I downloaded the Bluestacks from the official website and it doesn’t work at all (coloured screen, buttons don’t work etc.).

    After uninstalling that, I tried the old version of Bluestacks (from http://bluestacks-app-player-mac.en.softonic.com/mac/download) but I can’t install it at all (it keeps installing to my home folder, no way I can change it and it always fails to be installed).

    I desperately need Whatsapp on my mac because I just sent my smartphone for servicing and most people I know always contact me via Whatsapp. It’s been a real hassle not being able to contact everyone in your group project etc.

    Do you have any idea what I can do? Thanks a lot for your help!

  63. thetrystero says :

    didn’t work for me. +XXXXXXXX is not a valid mobile number in your country: Malaysia

  64. adarsh krishna says :

    Thank you so much for explaining so well ….

  65. mac says :

    hi i downloaded bluestacks today and synced my phone to my mac 10.6.8 using the 9-digit pin bluestacks emailed me.

    on bluestacks cloud on my phone it says the apps are successfully synced.

    however done of the apps show up on my mac.

    do you have any idea what i should do? i don’t want to have to set up another whatsapp account. i just want to use the same account but be able to type on a proper keyboard when i’m at home.

  66. Jonathan Sim says :

    Hi everyone! Please note that I have written an updated guide on how to use Whatsapp for Mac (and PC). I’ve also included instructions on how to import contacts. You can read it here: http://themyriadthoughts.wordpress.com/2013/02/09/run-whatsapp-on-mac-and-pc-updated-version/

  67. filippo.betti@gmailcom says :

    It works! Great! thank you very much man! ;)

  68. horoscope says :

    Good info. Lucky me I came across your blog by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have book marked it for later!

  69. pooja says :

    Thank you so much this worked so well and your instructions were so easy to use!!

  70. Whatsapp says :

    i love whatsapp, its just a wonderful app….

  71. descargar line says :

    After I originally left a comment I seem to have clicked the -Notify me when new
    comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I receive 4 emails with the same comment.

    There has to be a means you can remove me from that service?

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  73. sirchums says :


  74. sushant says :

    how to logout whatsapp id on bluestack

  75. Anh says :

    Hi, thank you for this post, i know have whatsapp on my mac! Can I ask you whether you know where the photos received are saved, i cannot find them anywhere, I have used search and nothing comes up! Would be great if you can help! thanks! A


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